What are you saying, Eleanor?

I’m trying to take my daughter’s advice. Six months ago when I went to France she told me to heed Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice: “Do something you are afraid to do every day.”

On that trip, I went to a topless beach (and remained “topfull”, but wore a bikini for the first time ever) and spoke terrible French to any passerby who was kind enough to indulge me.

I can do it!
I can do it!

Recently, I went indoor skydiving at iFLY and drove a snowmobile for the first time ever on a glacier in Iceland.

Yep! Did that too!
Yep! Did that too!

Those things still sound scary to me, so I get what Eleanor means. I had a rush of pride when I accomplished those things. But my day-to-day list of scary things, can be tame.

  1. Calling people for money
  2. Going door-to-door for anything
  3. Trying on bathing suits
  4. Driving into the “Big City” to a place I’ve never been (just made my hubby take me last Tuesday!)
  5. Getting a whole new hairstyle
  6. Eating bugs…on purpose
  7. Riding a motorcycle (nope never did it…may have to do with a terrible accident from law school)
  8. Riding a bike in traffic
  9. Using power tools
  10. Posting harsh political points of view on the Interwebs
  11. Snapchat

On the one hand, based on this list, I could do something scary every single day. On the other hand, I’ve done all those things except the motorcycle (I did do a moped on an island once and cried the entire time I was driving,  does that count?) but they still scare me.

I’m not quite sure what Eleanor is trying to tell me. Perhaps I need to contact her through a medium, like Theresa Caputo. But that’s too scary.

Oh, and Eleanor never said that, so I’m off the hook.

“You Just have to Laugh…..”

©2017 Cathy Sikorski


8 thoughts on “What are you saying, Eleanor?

  1. On the other hand, I’ve done all those things except the motorcycle (I did do a moped on an island once and cried the entire time I was driving, does that count?) yes!!

    had to smile at this one Cathy. ride one at 120 mph now that’s a rush. of course that is not just one time. yes I ride, and for many years. the moped counts in my book. it’s 2 wheels in tandem. 🙂 !!!!


    1. Thanks for counting the moped, Jerome. I take it as a badge of honor. More power to you with your motorcycle riding. I know it’s a rush and we need as many of those as we can muster….life is too short!


  2. You go, girl! When I feel fearful, I try to imagine “what’s the worst that could happen?” If death isn’t a possibility, then I can usually overcome my fear and give it a whirl. Or default to a glass of chardonnay…


  3. I’m afraid to stand on a high place (like the top of the Empire State Building or a balcony of a 20th floor apartment) unless there is a SOLID, chest high wall between me and falling to a tragic, messy death. This is a real drawback when I am asked to sing from a choir loft in church, because I have to position myself away from the railing, preferably behind the organ, and NEVER on steps or risers!! >.<

    Call me a coward, but if I ever take an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building I am staying safely INSIDE. If anyone makes me step outside, whatever happens will be on THEIR head!! 😛


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